Random Pack Break: 10-11 Panini Season Update

File this one under I’ll try anything once. I am not expecting much but I have two hobby packs of Panini Season Update. I don’t want to make too much of a commitment because Panini cards have bored me as of late. We’ll see if Season Update breaks that trend.

Of all the cards, the only one I want is Amare. Anyways the one thing I really hate is when card companies take jersey and/ or auto card designs and make it into an insert (of course without the jersey piece or auto) and place random logos in the empty space. A Number 3 logo?? Really?? Really?? It is happening way too often. They look horrible and it just reflect how lazy card companies are. Just one of the many reason why the card industry is suffering.



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3 responses to “Random Pack Break: 10-11 Panini Season Update

  1. You pulled a Battier. Lucky…

  2. bleachedquasar

    all its even worse when you have only one major producer for basketball cards and have to suffer through all their boring products.

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