Pack Battle: Street Fighter Heroclix

Heroclix was an awesome, awesome game back in day. There was somewhat of a steep learning curve but once you learn the basics it was very addictive. It just sucks that my local gaming store closed down and killed the whole Heroclix scene in Manhattan. Wizkids themselves weren’t doing so good until recently. They were bought out by Topps but that deal didn’t last as Topps closed their division down due to the economy, a couple years back. Heroclix looked finished for quite some time until NECA bought them, reviving the game. I still followed the previews and the Street Fighters Heroclix (which just came out) sculpts looked awesome so my brother and I couldn’t resist and picked up a pack each. They run $3 a pack with one figure in each. Of course like most collectibles games the figures come in either common, uncommon and chase rarities.

So the figure I got was Zangief aka The Red Cyclone

and my brother pulled one of the chase figures, Mech (Mecha? Mirror?) Zangief.

Ugh. That is the difference between a $2 figure and a $30 figure. It is not even fair because he always pulls the chase rares…

The figures look as good in person as the preview photos. Wizkids really improved the sculpts since their earlier sets. The clear plastics they use really makes their action poses pop and the paint jobs are much improved. I remember among the older figures a bunch of them looked crossed eye.

I am going to try and figure out how to build a 200, 300 or 400 point team around Zangief. I was thinking of teaming him up with Rocket Red or Crimson Dynamo and V Xplosion Colossus, making a Russian superhero team. Colossus and Zangief are bricks and Rocket Red/Crimson Dynamo can ferry them around. I won’t win any games (especially against my brother) but I am the kind of Heroclix players that value themes over playability.

Update: Bought another pack and pulled a E. Honda



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2 responses to “Pack Battle: Street Fighter Heroclix

  1. The sculpting & painting look a lot better than the old Heroclix figures I remember.

  2. lonestarr

    Awesome! 😀 I have a bunch of old Heroclix laying around. Didn’t know they even still made them, let alone for Street Fighter.

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