The Calm-ish Before the Storm

It has been quite a week here in New York City. There was an earthquake (which never happens here) and now Hurricane Irene (which has been said to be the biggest to hit NYC in over 100 years) is coming this weekend. Supermarkets everywhere is packed, bottled water and bread was selling out, the Afro Punk Festival which was being headlined by Janelle Monae, Cee Lo Green and Santigold is canceled, people are being evacuated (which again never happens here) and the MTA subway and bus system is shutting down (which also never happens other than a random strike here and there).

Anyways of course as I do my worst case scenario shopping I had to pick up a couple of random collectibles!

First I got this Gem Mint Prince Fielder Just Minors from the card machine at my supermarket.

I know it is kind of shady. I never heard of Legends Grading Services before and although it can be a play of the light as it reflects the case but I think one of the corners is bent. It has a serial number but it doesn’t have a website to check on it and a google search doesn’t come up with anything. But whatever it was only $2.

Also because I am going to be holed up all weekend I bought a couple of packs of Magic cards, New Phyrexia to be more specific for booster drafts. I actually haven’t played Magic in years but I am super lucky that I have a bunch of friends in the same apartment complex so we can draft and play all weekend. In fact we had our first draft earlier today and my deck isn’t so shabby if I don’t say so myself. It is a red and black deck with a splash of blue for draw spells. It has a ton of removal and a bunch of flyers. Oh and it has these two for kill cards.

That Batterskull is a mythical rare.

I don’t think Irene is going to be half as bad as people are freaking out about but it is better to be safe than sorry, right? For all those in the path, stay safe.



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2 responses to “The Calm-ish Before the Storm

  1. teoh

    stay safe Ray! go organize all your different collections while you’re at it

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