Concert Scrapbook: August 2011 – Dengue Fever, Malkit Singh & Wavves + September’s Music Playlist

So this is may be the last summer concert scrapbook post in awhile. This summer went by so fast and after August free concerts in NYC really begin to tamper off. What really sucked was Hurricane Irene canceled the Afro Punk Festival, which was headlined by Janelle Monae, Cee Lo Green and Santigold. But I think I made the best of the month.

Malkit Singh & Dengue Fever – 8/4/11, Lincoln Center Out Of Doors
Fav Songs: Loved every song by both bands
I am a huge fan of Dengue Fever and I admit I went to this concert solely for them but Malkit Singh killed it and as a whole it may be one of the best concerts I been too. I always like Bhangra music but didn’t know too much about it and now Malkit Singh is in many of my playlists (including my Starcraft 2 one weird enough). Also Damrosch Park is such a beautiful park for concerts that I think I need to pay more attention to the Lincoln Center outdoors concerts next summer.

Wavves & Dum Dum Girls – 8/25/11, River to River Festival
Fav Songs: Green Eyes, King of the Beach
The East River Amphitheater is what many locals called the spaceship (you can see why from the pic) and it is super close to where I live so I try to go to all the random concerts, plays etc they have there. I didn’t know too much about the Wavves before the concert but they just may be the next big thing. Actually they drew more people to the East River Amphitheater than anyone else I can recall. The Wavves have a surfy, grungey sound and the day of the concert it was announced that the Wavves frontman was going to star in a show on MTV and they would use a lot of the Wavves songs. That exposure can’t hurt.

So for the playlist for September I went for a theme.

Pop Goes the World – Men Without Hats
Pop Goes My Heart – Hugh Grant
Pop Musik – M
This is Pop – XTC
Pop Life – Prince & The Revolution
Pop – MIA
(Link to the playlist)

I know it is a very eclectic mix but you should also check out Dengue Fever, Malkit Singh and Wavves on Youtube or whatever when you get a chance.


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