Quick Predictions: Strikeforce World Grand Prix Barnett vs Kharitonov

Man, what the hell happened to Strikeforce? What happened the Heavyweight Grand Prix? It is never a good sign when your Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight and Welterweight championships are all vacant. I think the UFC/ Zuffa has made it clear that their agenda is to kill off Strikeforce asap which sucks because like the WEC they had a bunch of very entertaining cards. In fact, this may be one the last major Strikeforce cards ever. I just hope they finish off the Grand Prix and perhaps have that fighter fight for the UFC Heavyweight title or at least for title contendership.

Josh Barnett vs Sergei Kharitonov
Josh Barnett by Submission in the Second
Now with Alistair Overeem out of Strikeforce and with the UFC, Josh Barnett is my favorite to win the Grand Prix. He is very well rounded with good striking, good power, great wrestling and great submissions. Sergei Kharitonov is a popular dark horse candidate (is that an oxymoron?) to win it all but between a top wrestler and a top kickboxer, the wrestler wins more often than not.

Antonio Silva vs Daniel Cormier
Antonio Silva by Judges’ Decision
Daniel Cormier is a promising Heavyweight prospect but this fight may be too big of a step up for him. Cormier has outstanding wrestling but he is one of the smaller Heavyweights in the division and Bigfoot by far is the biggest. Bigfoot should be able to outsize and to outmuscle Cormier no matter where the fight ends up. Cormier best bet is to grind it out for two rounds and hope Bigfoot would gas out and then go all out for the finish, which is always easier said than done.

Ronaldo Souza vs Luke Rockhold
Ronaldo Souza by Submission in the Third
This is probably up there in title fights no one really cares about and it is a good example on how weak the depth of the Strikeforce Middleweight division is. Luke Rockhold could be a solid up and comer but he has fought in mostly low profile Stikeforce challenger bouts which honestly I can’t recall and now he gets a title shot?? To be fair, Rockhold is undefeated in Strikeforce but then again he has been suffering from various injuries for over a year so ring rust is a possibility. Jacare on the other the hand could have been a star for Strikeforce. His ground game and BJJ is very exciting to watch but Strikeforce almost never talks about/ hype him and he is becoming an afterthought kind of like Strikeforce as a whole. Both fighters have a bunch of submissions under their belt but if this fight goes to the ground I have to give the edge to Jacare.

Muhammed Lawal vs Roger Gracie
Muhammed Lawal by Judges’ Decision
This could be an interesting fight but I foresee King Mo laying and praying for most of the match (he even admit that is his gameplan) and Roger Gracie won’t be able to do much about it.

Pat Healy vs Maximo Blanco
Maximo Blanco by Knockout in the Second
With all the talent leaving Strikeforce, they did sign one good fighter, Maximo Blanco who has been making a name for himself in Japan. Still time and time again it is proven that what you do in Japan doesn’t mean much, fighting in the US. Healy is a good test for him as he is somewhat of a gatekeeper/ journeyman for most of his career. But Bam Bam Healy is coming off two straight wins, including one against Lyle Fancy Pants Beerhohm so he is no pushover and it should be an exciting fight at the very least.

I also got Rafael Cavalcante (why he fighting in the undercard after main event title fight?), Evangelista Cyborg Santos, Mike Kyle and Amanda Nunes for the prelims.

Thinking about it, this prelim lineup is stronger than most Strikeforce Challengers lineups. What a waste. Anyways, I really got my fingers crossed for the future of Strikeforce but it looks bleak.


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