Tristar Pack Battle: 2011 Obak Baseball vs TNA Signature Impact Wrestling

The last couple of times I went to Target in Brooklyn the blaster selection has been subpar. Being the addict I am, I couldn’t leave with buying something so I picked up a loose pack of 2011 Tristar Obak and one of Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling. Not a huge investment so I am not expecting much.

2011 Tristar Obak

Obak is definitely the poor man’s Allen & Ginter. With emphasis on the word poor. I don’t know if I am the only one but they feel cheap. Also they use a ton of blurry pictures with the weirdest backgrounds. Ok Ulysses Grant I understand but why is the Harold Baines card so dark? Still Obak has quite the eclectic mix in the checklist and it does make for a fun pack break. The Grant mini by far is the most interesting cards from both packs.

Tristar TNA Signature Impact Wrestling

Ugh what a rough pack break. Two of the five wrestlers aren’t even with the company anymore. Anarquia is so lame that he won’t be with TNA for too long after Mexican America breaks up. As for Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe, TNA has no idea what to do with them. When isn’t Daniels in a feud with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe is the victim of some of the worst storylines in TNA. As for the card designs it looks kind of plain especially given that Signature Impact Wrestling is supposed to be somewhat of a high end product. Also I think all my cards are miscut as the borders don’t look even to me. (To be fair my scanner cut off a bit of the border but you can noticed the difference in hand.)

Despite all the shortcomings, Tristar is still a more interesting break than Panini, which has been a snoozefest as of late with the exception of maybe Panini Americana.


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