1997-98 Upper Deck Basketball Stickers

In my opinion, sports stickers are like the poor, poor man collectible cards. They are kind of an afterthought in the market and they are almost never taken seriously by collectors. I am not even sure if kids care about them. Sure collecting the set in a sticker album could be fun for a while but then what? It will just collect dust in you closet. Anyways I have three packs of 1997-98 Upper Deck Basketball Stickers from one of those box of random packs.

Again in my opinion, I just don’t see stickers as collectible. Sure there are some great looking stickers out there (and I admit these UD stickers look kind of cool) but I just don’t think they hold value whether as a single or as a set. Is there such as a thing as a holy grail of sports stickers? Do they count in people’s PC? How do you store them? Do condition matter? Please tell me there is no such thing as graded stickers. I always thought them as a lazy way for companies like Upper Deck to appeal to the kids.

All in all I just don’t get stickers as part of the collecting world. But they must sell somewhat well since they been around like forever.


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  1. bleachedquasar

    they’re great for kids who love sports and want to do set chases with a much more limited spending power. Panini has been doing it for years and sticker trading/collecting might be a bigger market outside of the US? they are much more easily available here than trading cards. especially soccer, Disney-themed stuff. it’s more for the fun of busting packs on the cheap to see what stickers you get than for the value. i went through two boxes of NBA stickers, so i should know 😉

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