Quick Predictions: UFC 135 Jones vs Rampage

I don’t know about you but Jon Bones Jones vs Quinton Rampage Jackson is a fight I really, really want to watch for awhile now and as an added bonus, it finally puts an end to all those awkward promos between the two. If Rampage Jackson losses this fight, I don’t think he would be getting another chance at the belt and perhaps he would retire from MMA to pursue an acting career that he so wants. As for Jones, a win here may justify all the hype (at least to most fans). So this fights potentially has some historical importance.

Jon Jones vs Quinton Jackson
Jon Jones by Knockout in the Second
The path for Jon Bones Jones won’t get any easier as the Light Heavyweight Division is just stacked with contenders. He faces the always dangerous Rampage Jackson, as he can always end the fight with one punch, one slam, etc. But Rampage Jackson has a few holes in his game that should be easy to exploit. Rashad Evans had the perfect game plan when he fought Rampage and Jones can easily duplicate it especially with Greg Jackson in his corner. Plus in a straight up boxing match, Jones should be able to pick Rampage apart with his insane range and if Jones take him down I don’t see much Rampage can do.

Matt Hughes vs Josh Koscheck
Josh Koscheck by Judges’ Decision
At this point in his career, I just don’t know how much Matt Hughes has left in his tank. OK to be fair, the knockout from BJ Penn may be a fluke and he did win three straight before that but he just doesn’t look like the same prime Hughes. Koscheck is no joke. He probably won’t beat GSP in a rematch but he is definitely a top 4 or 5 welterweight and this is a must win for him or else he would definitely be moving out of the division. Hughes is still a savvy veteran but Koscheck has the advantage in the striking department and the wrestling is close if not, a slight edge goes to Koscheck at this point.

Travis Browne vs Rob Broughton
Travis Browne by Judges’ Decision
I have this fight as a coin flip. Both fighters are trying to make a name for themselves. Browne comes to this fight undefeated (although he would have lost the Kongo fight if Kongo wasn’t such an idiot) and Broughton is UK’s most promising Heavyweight prospect. I am going to side with Browne on this one for now as he is one with more hype going in and just because he has faced tougher opponents so far in his career.

Nate Diaz vs Takanori Gomi
Takanori Gomi by Knockout in the Second
Gomi has been very, very inconsistent in the UFC but I just got to go with him one more time because come on he is The Fireball Kid. Nate Diaz unfortunately will be known as the lesser of the two Diaz brothers (and maybe the more sane between the two). He has his back against the wall though, losing two straight going into this fight and you known three is the magic number. Gomi’s striking is kind of wild but if it lands it would be another KO victory for him. Fingers crossed.

Ben Rothwell vs Mark Hunt
Ben Rothwell by Judges’ Decision
In a kickboxing match, Hunt has this. His power is just incredible but he has like zero ground game. If Rothwell takes Hunt down he would be like a beached whale. I am rooting for Hunt but I am expecting the worst for him.

I also have Tony Ferguson, Tim Boetsch, Junior Assuncao, Takeya Mizugaki and James Te Huna for the prelim fights.


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