Wrestling Pack Battle: WCW Nitro Trading Card Game vs Tristar TNA Impact

Today we have a little pack battle between WCW, represented by the WCW Nitro Card Game and what many call WCW 2.0 Tristar, represented by Tristar TNA Impact Inaugural Edition.

WCW Nitro Trading Card Game:

I guess WCW wanted to get into the whole 90’s TCGs/ CCGs craze with this. WWE had some success with their own TCG but even without looking at the rules WCW’s can’t be that fun. The design and the action shots they chose look kind of cheesey and it reminds me of Overpower which one of the most disappointing card games ever. Back in the day, I was really into card games like these and I never heard of this before, which is never a good sign.

Tristar TNA Impact:

I actually got two packs and I got the exact same cards in the exact same order. That kind of sucks. Worst I didn’t even get a single wrestler in this pack. James Mitchell is a poor man Paul Bearer, a tattoo is a tattoo and Jeremy Borash is an announcer. I have no idea what Socal Val does. Dixie Carter is I mean was the owner of TNA and she looks quite awkward in the photo if you ask mean.

So who wins? I guess WCW for the foil card alone but boy the Angry Fan card looks soooo cheesey.



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3 responses to “Wrestling Pack Battle: WCW Nitro Trading Card Game vs Tristar TNA Impact

  1. bleachedquasar

    i would like to nominate the Angry Fan card for Card No One Wants!

  2. jon

    only reason why i dont want it is cause i have about 50 of them. also wcw nitro ccg was not a trading card, its a card game try comparing the topps wcw nitro trading cards with the tristar tna impact

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