Quick Predictions: UFC 136 Edgar vs Maynard III

This is one of strongest cards from UFC in a long time with two championship fights, a title contention eliminator and two almost guaranteed to be exciting fights. The problem is this is also the day I am celebrating my b-day with a little urban race I am organizing. If you are in New York City and have nothing to do this Saturday October 8, 2 PM to say 5 PM tops, you are all invited in my little urban race extravaganza. Just hit me up for the details.

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard
Frankie Edgar by Judges’ Decision
If you told me that Edgar and Maynard would be one of the most exciting fights this year, I would have said you’re crazy. Edgar with his hit and run style and Maynard with his lay and pray style have been somewhat boring to watch in the past but what a crazy fight. As for the third time around, I am still sticking with Edgar. Sure Maynard hurt him in the first round and nearly finished it but Edgar recovered and pretty much took over the fight from there. Maynard has power but I still think Edgar has the advantage on the feet and Edgar’s wrestling is good enough to keep the fight where he wants it.

When I pulled this card a year and a half ago I was like eh but now I am like oh yeah!

Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian
Jose Aldo by Knockout in the First
This fight is a lot easier to pick. Jose Aldo is a beast, destroying all those who dare challenge him. Plus Florian hasn’t traditionally done well in high pressure matches. The Mark Hominick fight was an off night for Aldo but I think he will be back on his warpath.

Chael Sonnen vs Brian Stann
Chael Sonnen by Judges’ Decision
I am not a huge fan of Chael Sonnen and it is safe to say I can’t stand him but I got to respect him as one of the top middleweights. What he did to Anderson Silva is no fluke. Brian Stann on the other hand is picking up a lot of momentum with his wins against Chris Leben and Jorge Santiago but in my opinion, Sonnen’s wrestling is a better and his striking is a bit better. I really think if Stann wins, it would be an upset.

Joe Lauzon vs Melvin Guillard
Melvin Guillard by Judges’ Decision
Since joining with Greg Jackson’s camp, Melvin Guillard has been on a tear, dominating his opponents. He definitely is a new fighter, a smarter fighter, Melvin Guillard 2.0 if you will and now people are talking about a title shot in a very crowded Lightweight decision. Joe Lauzon is a veteran of the sport but I think Melvin Guillard 2.0 would be too much to handle for him.

Leonard Garcia vs Nam Phan
Nam Phan by Judges’ Decision
Nam Phan so clearly won the last fight so this rematch shouldn’t even happen. Leonard Garcia is an exciting fighter and has a lot of heart but if you take out his two controversial wins against Nam Phan and The Korean Zombie, he has only 1 win in his last 8 fights. Chan Sung Jung got his win back and I think Nam Phan will too. Plus Nam Phan really really needs this fight as his career too is in somewhat a slump.

So for the prelims I got Demian Maia, Anthony Pettis, Stipe Miocic, The Mongolian Wolf, Aaron Simpson and Steve Cantwell.


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  1. I agree with all your picks (undercard too). Nice blog

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