Autographs and More from New York Comic Con – Day 1

New York Comic Con was super, super awesome and I am super, super tired. My feet are killing me and I have two more days to go. But I did get a ton done and I did everything I wanted/ planned to do and see. I got a bunch of autographs including…

Ron English

This is probably the coolest piece in my haul today. It is super cool of Ron English to draw a little sketch on the Mighty Wallets he was selling. I am kind of jealous that the sketch came out better in my brother’s wallet. English is probably one of the more successful street artist out there and I am a huge fan. You might not know the name but you probably seen his work like this one.

Blair Butler

She is one of the host on Attack of Show, which is like easily one of my favorite shows. If I am not mistaken, I missed her signing last year and I really wanted to get this comic signed. It took me all night to find it but I can’t be more happy on how it turned out.

Ian McNeice

McNeice played Winston Churchill in the Doctor Who series which is by far my favorite show. I just can’t have enough Doctor Who autos!

Gail Kim

OK Gail Kim wasn’t at Comic Con but I bought it from one of the autograph dealers there. Her autograph is one I wanted for some time and it was what I hope to pull from all the TNA products I busted. I was actually considered buying a case of the first Tristar TNA set but it is so much cheaper and easier to just buy the signed photo right there and then. I hope she comes back to TNA soon.

Finally while watching the IEM New York Starcraft 2 tournament…

I won this top of the line Intel Core i7 Processor which retails for like $300 $1000. I actually don’t really need it and for what it retails for I mine as well sell it to get a new computer. I could also try to build a computer around it. We’ll see.

I think Day 2 is going to be more of a chill day for me. I am planning to attend as many panels and movie showings as I can and maybe join a Magic tournament if time permits.



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2 responses to “Autographs and More from New York Comic Con – Day 1

  1. bleachedquasar

    too fun! there’s a new Singaporean artist who just started drawing for Marvel. his name is Benjamin Ang. any idea if his work is debuting at the NYCC?

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