A Box Break of Inkworks Jericho Season One & Super Awesome Sketches from New York Comic Con – Day 2

I lied when I said New York Comic Con Day 2 would be a chill day. We did a ton of walking and my feet are pulsating and my legs are super sore. It doesn’t help that my backpack always seems to weigh a ton. I did go to a couple of Adult Swim panels though and they were hilarious (while serving as a welcomed break). Anyways on to my haul. I got a couple of sketches including one from…

Chris Giarrusso

It is a sketch of probably the most famous Captain America cover.

I also picked up the comic Giarrusso is probably best known for Mini- Marvels signed.

The second sketch is from Andrew Charipar.

Of course it is a sketch of Lois Griffin from Family Guy as Star Sapphire. I think it is pretty cool.

Also I have never watched the show Jericho but I bought a box of Inkworks Jericho Season One today because A)- it was cheap and B)- it was guaranteed an autograph and pieceworks card.

The base cards:

Inkworks guaranteed a complete set so give the number of cards I have 2 or at least close to 2 complete sets.

The inserts:

And the hits:

Brad Beyer and Ashley Scott don’t ring a bell so they are probably going to be trade bait. Anyways I noticed that the whole Jericho season is on Netflix so for all who have seen it, is it worth the time?



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4 responses to “A Box Break of Inkworks Jericho Season One & Super Awesome Sketches from New York Comic Con – Day 2

  1. I just finished four seasons of Battlestar Galactica and was looking for something new… and under my Netflix recommendation list was Jericho. I’ve watched four episodes and I like the concept. It’s a pretty short series though… I think they only made 29 episodes of the show.

  2. Yes, Jericho is worth watching! The first 10 episodes are a bit slow, but the action picks up later.
    The Jericho story continues in the season 3 graphic novel, available from Amazon or IDW. The graphic novel is act one of a much larger Jericho story that the producers hope to tell as a TV movie.
    Keep posted on the Jericho news on the front page of http://www.savingjericho.com

  3. lonestarr

    Ashley Scott was in Birds of Prey, so I’m all over the Pieceworks if it’s available. I am a sucker for comic book adaptations, regardless of quality, lol.

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