Random Pack Break: Tristar Obak Football

I have two retail packs of Tristar Obak Football and I am not going to lie I thought they were Tristar Obak baseball. They look so similar at a quick glance.

I totally admit I am not a big football guy but the cards was a nice little history lesson. Obak real strength is their checklist often focusing on people with historical importance rather than the players today. It is nice change of pace. One thing I do notice is it is very difficult to find the full name of the subject on the card to like wikipedia them or something. The formula they use is only the last is used in the front of the card and the back of the card in all caps. Somewhere in their little writeup they used their first name but never with the last name. It should be that hard to find the full name especially when the checklist is full of people people don’t know offhand.

Also I just wish they distinguish the football and baseball packs a little more…


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  1. I almost bought a couple of packs of these myself the other day, though it would have been on purpose. Instead I put the money toward some cards on COMC. They’re nice, I like Obak but they’re better for me in a complete set than in packs.

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