Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational Box Break Ever: 2011 Topps UFC Finest

First off the Muppets theme song has been stuck in my head all day. Please don’t fault me on that…

Anyways, I have been super, super busy lately the last couple of weeks. I started a new job at Ahoy New York Food Tours and I admit I have been slacking on this blog. : ( But fear not, I am back with a box break of something I wanted for a long, long time. 2011 UFC Finest. Finest as been a huge moneymaker for Topps in the past and it finally came to UFC. So let’s see…

The base:

The refractors /888:

I think the X- Fractors /388 along with Okami Finest Moment /288:

The Finest Atomic Refractors:

And the lowest numbered parallel is:

GSP 152/188!

As expected from a Finest products, the cards are super shiny with a ton of parallels. I really think the Finest technology really works with the UFC action shots. The Atomic Refractors are especially snazzy. It reminds me of stained glass windows.

And for the hits up first is the Finest Threads:

For my relic cards I got Ryan Bader who was this close to a title shot but lost to Jon Jones (understandable) and Tito Ortiz (ugh) and Chris Wiedman 84/88 who perfect in his career so far but faces a veteran in Tom Lawlor in his next fight. All in all, Zzzzz.

For my jumbo relic I got:

a Rashad Evans jumbo mat card. For some reason I keep pulling hits of Evans. Not that I can complain too much since he is a top tier fighter, but let’s just say I am not a huge, huge fan. Also mats cards are kind of boring and Topps has been doing them since their first UFC product I believe. Jumbo mat card are bit more interesting I guess. I think I got part of the Tapout sign but the problem with mat cards is the mat has as much of a connection with Rashad Evans as Chris Price who also fought that night. Again Rashad Evans hit isn’t bad but nothing to get too excited for but here are what I can be excited about.

For the two autos:

I got Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis who had one of the greatest MMA fights of all time. If you are even the slightest bit interested in MMA you have to check out this fight. Here is a glimpse.

I am a huge fan of the WEC fighters as they always brought it but I doubt Henderson or Pettis’ autos are worth much at the moment but don’t quote me on that.

Finally for my big hit I pulled:

a Jake Shields jumbo Finest Threads auto cards numbered 23/25. I like how Shields is just peeping over that jumbo swatch. Anyways Shields once was regard as the man to beat GSP but that was not meant to be. It would have been awesome to pull this like six months ago.

All in all I think the Finest template works real well with the UFC. I think I say this every time a new MMA product comes out but even though my pulls are a bit lackluster this is one of my favorites. I bought mines for $100 at my local hobby store but you can buy them for about $70 online which you really can’t go wrong for a high end UFC product like this.


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  1. Great looking cards! That Rashad is sweet. He went to MSU here in Michigan.

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