Random Box Break: Inkworks The 4400 Season One

I got this Inkworks The 4400 Season One from New York Comic Con a couple weeks back. I don’t remember much about the show but I do remember watching it. In fact, I am sure I have some of the DVDs but really never got around to watching it. Anyways this box is guaranteed one autograph and a bunch of inserts.

First the box topper:

Some of the base cards:

More inserts:

And without further ado the hit:

I don’t recognize Brooke Nevin but wikied her and she was in a bunch of shows including Smallville, Charmed and Supernatural, some of my favorite shows at one point or another.

I hate non- sport that have blurry screen grabs and this product has a bunch of blurry cards. I guess you got to make do with what you have. But I do love the ripple cards. They are just so shiny…


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