Blast From the Past: 2011 Panini Americana Box Break

Year after year, Americana is one of my favorite products and it is usually Donruss’/ Panini’s best offering by far. This year’s product came out awhile ago but only was able to put my hands on it now. The checklist vast and random so I can pretty much pull just about anything and anyone.

First off I just love the packaging. It mimic a music CD box set (which itself is a blast from the past nowadays) and I think it is pretty clever despite most of the checklist being movie stars rather than music stars. Still I have to give props to the little innovative things like that which is exactly what the industry needs.

So the first card in the first pack is…

Justin Bieber. Ugh not a good start.

The other base cards:

This year’s design is probably the strongest. The gold foil with the flag in the background just works.

One of the things Panini doesn’t do well in is parallels. The only difference between a base card and a proof parallel is a the word Proof on the corner. It has such a whatever feel about them and they do it in just about every product they make. The Walt Cunningham proof is numbered 47/50.

The other inserts don’t look bad but they are definitely designed for an autograph or relic piece.

Now for the hits which is the real reason to break Americana.

For my auto I got Meredith Salenger. I have no idea who she is and I think it is actually the weakest hit in the pack despite being numbered the lowest 4/20. Donruss/ Panini also has a bad habit of cutting off cut autographs.

The guys at the card store was most excited about this card.

It is a Lee Meriwether and Rock Hudson dual relic 138/189. But it is a little before my time to really appreciate it.

Another solid dual relic, Ingrid Bergman and Rhonda Fleming 6/ 249.

And now the hit I am really really excited for. All I have to say is Marilyn Monroe.

It is a Movie Posters The Seven Year Itch dual relic with Carolyn Jones numbered 292/499. Wow! When you think of Americana the first names that comes up is like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and the like. This is fact my first Marilyn Monroe anything in my collection. Oh by the way if I am not mistaken, The Seven Year Itch is the movie with Monroe in a white dress over a subway grate, probably the most iconic shot in American cinema.

I am sure others have done better but I am super happy about my pulls. I got a bunch of relics of some of the best actors and actresses of years past. I got to wiki the auto and Marilyn Monroe! You know I haven’t watch some of the classics in a long, long time. I might just queue up some in Netflix.



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2 responses to “Blast From the Past: 2011 Panini Americana Box Break

  1. Hey, great box! You did really well with the hits by the way, we’ve opened a few boxes and gotten a lot less desirable cards out of it.

    If there are any of those cards you’d be willing to trade, let me know. My wife collects the Americana stuff like crazy and would definitely be interested. Thanks.

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