Thanksgiving Pack Break: Vintage Jumbo Rack Pack Black!

So I’m like the cook in my family. The turkey is in the oven and the ham is done (and half eaten by the way) so I had a couple of hours before things really get crazy in the kitchen. I decided to head out and see if I can find a pack for a quick blog post. Everything is like open in Chinatown during Thanksgiving and probably Christmas too. All in all I picked up this vintage jumbo rack pack black from Rite Aid. I had some luck with them in the past.

The vintage cards:

Vintage to me is anything before 1980. A Senators card isn’t something you see everyday and it is in fact the oldest card in the pack.

The oddball cards:

The Amos Joseph Otis is made by the Ted Williams card company. I wonder what the story is with that company. Bobby Higginson seems to be part of a Pepsi promo 15 card set. Upper Deck picked a pretty poor pic of him as he looks crossed eye to me. Finally the Pat Kelly card is the strangest. It is a Pacific card of the Senior Professional Baseball League which I have never heard of until now.

Other cards of note:

Have a happy, happy Thanksgiving everyone! They are going to be a bunch of Black Friday sales for cards in sites like Dave and Adams’s Card World and Blowout Cards so keep an eye on that.


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One response to “Thanksgiving Pack Break: Vintage Jumbo Rack Pack Black!

  1. That’s a solid haul. All they have around here anymore (at Target anyway, dunno of anywhere else that has ’em) are red packs with three vintage cards in them.

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