2011 Panini Black Friday Packs

So the buzz around the cards circles lately has been these Panini Black Friday packs. I picked up two at my local card store yesterday. One thing though. There wasn’t a letter with the packs so the communication between Panini and the stores could be better, as their was some confusion how the whole promotion worked.

Anyways, my pulls. There has been a ton a beautiful cards that have been pulled and hyped and I doubt I will pull any of them…

I like the Mariano Rivera card. The football cards are for trade if anyone wants it. If I’m not mistaken most of the cards in these packs are previews for future products. Correct me if I’m wrong.

All in all, it is good thing that Panini did something for Black Friday, unlike its competitors. For cards, Black Friday sales and promotions are usually limited to website like DaCardWorld (which has been super slow all Friday) and Blowout Cards. This is should have been a no brainer way to drive traffic to the small local card shops.


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