Black Friday Box Break: 2010-11 Panini Season Update

The NBA free agency and training camps starts in six days! Super excited. Can the Knicks angle themselves to form their own big three with Chris Paul, Dwight Howard or maybe both?? : D

Anyways, I picked up this box 2010-11 Panini Season Update during Black Friday for Panini’s promotion last week. It was actually the only Panini basketball product my local card shop had in stock. Each box has a ton of cards. 24 packs per box and 10 cards per pack. They have a little typo on the box by the way. It says 24 packs per pack which would be an infinite loop of cards…

The Tyson Chandler card is a parallel 45/99. The card design is typical of a low end product. Simple and clean design with a lot of bright colors. The inserts are kind of lame. Most are just recycled design for their autos and memorabilia cards and the Prestige rookie inserts of course are recycled from their Prestige product.

I don’t know what is typical of a box but I pulled five hits.

A Derrick Rose jersey card. This one is a keeper.

A Jason Kidd jersey card

A Jameer Nelson jersey card 229/449

A Jrue Holiday jersey card 410/799

Ryan Gomes Autograph 14/299

A pretty point guard centric box and it is not a bad haul for $60. I can honestly care less about the base cards and the inserts but the hits easily makes this box a winner.


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