Black Friday Box Break: 2008 Upper Deck MLS

So I totally admit I have never watch a soccer game from start to finish but I still picked up this box of 2008 Upper Deck MLS from Dave and Adams’s Card World’s Black Friday sale. Basically for $5.95 I got two shots to pull a David Beckham jersey card. Fingers crossed

First boy there is a lot of cards in the box. It has 30 packs with 10 cards per pack. I probably would give away most of the base cards.

Some base:

I’m not sure you can see it clearly but is the guy in the Volkswagen jersey really named just Fred??

Some inserts:

And cards I probably going to keep.

Two jersey cards (Luciano Emilio & Shalrie Joseph) and two cards for my PC (Brian Ching & Kosuke Kimura). So yea no David Beckham jersey card but it was worth the gamble.

I pretty sure MLS was somewhat a fail for Upper Deck since you can get boxes of them for only $10. I guess you can’t win them all but Upper Deck has really been piling up fails for the last couple of years…


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