So Many Insane Pulls This Year: 2011 Onyx Preferred Players National Edition Baseball Box Break

Onyx is an exciting new player in the baseball collectibles/ memorabilia market, filling the void left by Just Minors. (I know Just Minors still come out with new product but I thinking it is just old inventory repackaged. Please correct me if I am wrong.) I picked up a box of 2011 Onyx Preferred Players National Edition Baseball Hobby from Dave and Adam’s Card World Black Friday sale.

Everything about their product screams COOL!! It bring the 12 year old collector inside of me. Just look at their packaging.

A nice wooden box to hold your autograph ball and it comes with a baseball cube to boot. These little things really put them over the top. But there is also a chance to pull game used items. Not just a small swatch of a jersey or a chip on the bat, the whole item. 1 in 15 chance for this particular product. I am pretty sure no other product has game used items especially less than $100. The checklist is pretty strong too IMO.

So my pulls out of this are pretty much what you call insane.

Every box is guaranteed an autographed baseball. Mines is Gary Sanchez.

Gary Sanchez is a top catching prospect for the Yankees and Yankees’ prospect autos always fetch a pretty penny. Pretty sweet.

I didn’t really look at the Certificate of Authenticity until after busting a couple more boxes I had for Black Friday. But when I did this came out.

It is a redemption card for a Jose Iglesias autographed game used bat!!!! This would be the first ever in my collection and I have not been so excited about a pull since… well probably the Michael Jordan/ LeBron James dual auto. : )

The bat came in the mail yesterday and it is a beauty. I am kind of speechless. So here is a bunch of pics.

So stolen from Wikipedia, “Prior to the 2011 season, Iglesias was the sole Red Sox prospect on the annual list of top 50 baseball prospects, where he was ranked 42nd.” He has since made his major league debut and some say he is the shortshop of the future for them. He is only 21 so he has a long career ahead of him. With this bat, I am rooting nothing but the best for you!!

For $50 I much rather take a chance on a box of Onyx than buying a low end box of baseball cards. Onyx get two huge thumbs up, five stars, A++++ from me!


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