Looking for Tyson Chandler and Landry Fields Autographs & Updated My For Trade Pages!

The Knicks made a bunch of moves in this crazy NBA offseason, most of them come at a complete surprise, mainly the signing of Tyson Chandler. I wanted to wait a week to let it all sink it and to see all the other supplementary moves (there are none so far). Another year, another completely different team. Fingers crossed there isn’t a MSG/ Time Warner Cable blackout. That would suck big time.

Anyways first off I love, love the signing of Tyson Chandler. Sure he is maybe a tad overpaid and possibly a injury risk but legit centers that can take over the game come at a premium. Tyson Chandler is a winner. Of course he was part of the World Championship Dallas Mavericks team and he was close with the Hornets. Plus he was a huge part of the Bobcats playoff push. The Bobcats! I actually think this a better plan than waiting for the whole Chris Paul situation to sort itself out (which kind of did but he didn’t sign an extension, right?). Remember when we waited for LeBron James? Yea that didn’t work out. If the Knicks had tried to preserve their cap space they may very well been shut out next year free agency. Chris Paul is still a huge question mark. Dwight Howard looks like he is destined to stay with the Magic or be traded to the Nets or the Lakers some time this season. Deron Williams also looks to resign with the Nets. Plus I think a super strong front court maybe open the door further for Phil Jackson to come and coach the Knicks next year. Triangle offense, anyone?

Anyways with all that said, I am looking to add Tyson Chandler and Landry Fields (now that he looks like he is going to stick with the team for awhile) autographs and maybe memorabilia cards to my collection. I was looking for cool Chandler cards and all I found was this parallel /99 and an ugly relic cards with Cedric Simmons.

Lucky for me I recently updated all my trade bait pages (which you can check on the For Trade tab on top). New cards/ memorabilia for trade are in green. Shoot me an email and we can work something out!


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