Mail Day: Awesome Relic Cards, Autographs and Cards For My PC!

I probably trade with Lonestarr more than anyone else and in the latest trade I picked up…

The Walt Frazier jersey is just awesome. If I can pick only one Knick to represent its rich history I would probably pick Walt Frazier. Lonestarr thinks the Madison Bumgarner relic is a shoe but I think it is a piece of his cap, which either way sets it apart from the boring white swatch. It is numbered 51/100. Roxanne Modafferi is on a three fight losing streak but I am still a huge fan. She is super fan friendly (she has a blog, vlog, twitter account and host chats from time to time) and her positivity and enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. I am really rooting for her to get out of this rut. Allan Houston is another Knicks legend. It just sucks that it didn’t really work out for him in his time as a Knick. I just love the Ring Kings subset no matter who is on it. Collecting the whole set is a tough task but I got just a bit closer. The Tim Duncan jersey card is also a beauty. It is actually a dual sided card with a Tony Parker jersey on the other side. It is numbered 88/249.

Here is a bunch of other cards going in my PC binders.

Thanks again!

I am still looking to add couple of Knicks autos to my collection mainly Tyson Chandler, Landry Fields and maybe Mike Bibby. I would love to work out a trade!


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