NBA Season Opener Pack Break: 4 Packs + 14 Rookie Cards Basketball Repack

Today is Christmas! We all know what that means. NBA season opener!! (and presents too).

I got to open some basketball cards for this very special occasion, right? I have been all over the place this week and this is all I came up with last second. It is a repack with 4 random basketball pack and 14 rookie cards. You may or may not have seen it in Walmart, Target and the like.

Ugh… so the 14 rookie cards is just the 2007 Topps rookie set. The packaging of the repack suggested that there was 14 loose rookie cards and given that each repack is guaranteed exactly 14 rookie cards (the number of cards in the set) and guaranteed a Greg Oden, Kevin Durant and Al Horford rookie every repack probably has this 2007 rookie set. Well isn’t that a bummer…

Looking on the bright side, 2007 was a strong rookie year and more Kevin Durant rookie cards can never be a bad thing. I have a set already so I am going to put this set in the For Trade page. Anyways it is as good of time as any to see how are the prospects performed to date. So from the top of my head…

Greg Oden – Super talented but a huge bust since he seems to be always out with some sort of injury. A medical retirement may be in his near future.
Kevin Durant – Easy. One of the top players in the league today.
Al Horford – Solid all star
Mike Conley Jr – Building block for the Grizzlies who had a surprising run at the playoffs last year.
Jeff Green – Has yet to find a niche in the NBA but an important player for the Celtics as the Big 3 is getting up there in age. Will miss the season due to heart surgery. Hope he gets well soon.
Yi Jianlian – As much as I hate say it, bust. May be a player to round out teams.
Corey Brewer – Won a championship ring but just an interesting bench player for contenders.
Brandan Wright – No idea what happened to him.
Joakim Noah – This one hurts because the Bulls used the Knicks’ pick from the Eddy Curry trade to draft one of the top centers in the game.
Spencer Hawes – An afterthought.
Acie Law IV – Is he even in the NBA anymore?
Thaddeus Young – A great bench player who is capable of having a great game.
Julian Wright – I also have no idea what happen to him.
Al Thornton – He seems to be that guy who is destined to always play for bad teams.

Anyways the repack has four packs too. There are…

2006-07 Upper Deck Reserve

2007-08 Hot Prospects which is loaded with everything but prospects.

2007-08 Topps Basketball which is probably the most overprinted set in recent memory.

and finally 2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition which excites exactly no one.

So a lot of meh to go around. There really isn’t much interesting packs to open the last couple of months. I heard Panini is going to have a smaller lineup of products this season and I hope they come up with something interesting (but totally expecting more of the same).

I have a lot of traveling to do the next two days but it is going to be great. I want to wish everyone a happy holiday!


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