Random Box Break: 2011 Topps American Pie – Let’s Just Say I’m Not a Fan

I love, love Donruss/ Panini Americana and I heard nothing but good things about 2011 Topps American Pie so I thought to pick up a box. It has 24 packs with 8 card per pack and guaranteed 3 memorabilia cards.

Base cards:

and my favorite base card. The Ramones!

I have 150/200 of the set. Nice even number and I think I’ll try to complete the set.


And of course what set doesn’t have parallels these days:

The Survivor card is numbered 53/76.

Finally what I think is a buyback card. It is actually one of the cooler cards I pulled.

And the hits:

Lewis and Clark Trail Card

Mickey Rooney Relic Card

Humphrey Bogart Manufactured Patch 11/25

I think I am going to stick with Panini Americana. The packaging is better. Americana is packaged like CD Box Set and American Pie is your typical card box. Americana is focused on people and American Pie is focused on major events. Americana has some obscured celebrities in its checklist so I have to give that one to American Pie. The inserts are a wash.

What separates the two products the most are the hits. If I am not mistaken, you are guaranteed 4 hits in Americana with one of them being an autograph and it is loaded with relic cards of actors/ actresses of yesteryear. American Pie hits are interesting to say the least and Topps probably thought it was clever. The first thought that went through my mind when I pull the Lewis and Clark Trail Dirt Card was how would Topps know if Lewis or Clark stepped on this particular patch of dirt. If you turn the card over all it says it is “authentic Earth” so Topps could have gotten this patch of dirt from their parking lot. I took a quick look at other pulls on eBay and there seems to be a lot items that are only very, very loosely related to the subject (ie dirt that can be from anywhere, random stamps or a coin whose year just happens to be of some significance to the subject). Also I am not a huge fan of manufactured patches and why do they all have to say Hollywood instead of the person’s name??? In my opinion, the Mikey Rooney card is the only true relic card. But I do admit the hits might be worth something. The dirt card might appeal to some and the Bogart is a 1 in 93 packs pull. They of course are for trade.

You probably can find boxes of Topps American Pie for about $90 in card stores. I got my box for $84 and it is $82 on Dave and Adam’s Card World the last I checked. Either way it is kind of big commitment for a box of cards with probably one true relic and a slight chance to pull an autograph. So all in all, I am not too impressed. I can imagine Topps scrounging the office for random stuff to put on cards.



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10 responses to “Random Box Break: 2011 Topps American Pie – Let’s Just Say I’m Not a Fan

  1. I think that if you like these cards you’d do better to buy a complete base set in the $20 range and then buy whatever inserts you like separately. I may do that myself.

  2. The wife and I would deifinitely be interested in any and all 3 of those hits you got. Especially the Bogart and L&C relic. Let me know if I have anything you are interested in.

  3. I’m building the ‘Walk of Fame’ set and would be interested in trading for those you pulled.

  4. bleachedquasar

    a Topps Twitter card? Really? sheesh.

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