Who Remembers The Harry Potter TCG: Quidditch Cup Pack Break

There are two things I can’t resist, a bargain and oddball cards. K- Mart was selling repacks with 35 random non- sport and trading card game (TCG) packs plus a promo card for only $5. That is less than $.15 a pack! I know most of packs would be of games no one plays any more (thus the cards should not be worth anything) but at the very least it would be interesting and something a bit different.

I am going to start with a TCG I actually played (a long, long time ago), the Harry Potter TCG and this is the promo card I pulled by the way.

So in four packs, I pulled a foil card! Maybe it is worth a quarter. I can’t say I remember too much about his game. I vaguely remember playing some sort of Hermione Granger deck and there were some owls in there some how. Wikied Harry Potter TCG and at one point it was the second best selling toy in the United States but of course now it is out of print. The fact is it is very difficult for any TCG to have any staying power. It seems that the only ones to beat this trend is Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh and of course Magic: The Gathering. Speaking of Magic, in the card store I play Friday Night Magic, The Stand in Gravesend, people are playing some serious tournament quality decks and I think it is time to pull out the big guns this week…


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  1. I should get my hands on those cards, if they are still available in the market 🙂

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