The Moment of Truth: Topps UFC Moment of Truth Box Break!

Topps’ UFC products have been top notch. Let’s see if that trend continues with their latest product Topps UFC Moment of Truth. It has 16 packs per box and 10 cards per pack with three hits, an auto, a relic and a dual of some sort.

We got to start with the base cards, right?

I am kind of torn about the design and the style of the cards Topps chose but it is growing on me. Most of the cards look great and it really brings out the grittier side of MMA, especially in the action shots but in some shots the Photoshop effect looks weird. But I do admit it makes the cards stand out. It is also cool women’s MMA fighters are finally getting cards.

For the parallels…

It is interesting that my black parallels /88 are A)- both chipped and B) of GSP and Carlos Condit who were supposed to fight for the belt but everything got jumbled around due to politics, injuries etc. I actually prefer the black border to the white border and wouldn’t mind if Topps switch it around. The gold parallels is another story.

The inserts

I am never too crazy about inserts. The fight poster, UFC Locked, Heavy Hitters, Collision Course and Grappling Gurus inserts all feel familiar. The insert parallels /88 are really easy to miss. The only difference is black print rather than silver foil in some of the words. The staredown during the weight ins and before fights is a big part of MMA but there is nothing exciting about Showdown Shots and they get pretty random. Brandon Schaub vs Chris Tuchscherer? Really? I think Topps should tinkering with it a bit to figure out a way to emphasis MMA rivalries.

Now for the main event the hits!

Jon Jones Relic Card. With Brock Lesnar retiring, Anderson Silva getting older, GSP injured, Jon Bones Jones can potentially be UFC’s biggest star in 2012. But I don’t know. I think as a collector I have been conditioned to think plain single color swatches to be eh. At least it isn’t a mat card.

For my auto I got The Skyscraper Stefan Struve. Struve has crazy long lanky build like Jon Jones and I was really high on him but he has been inconsistent. With the Strikeforce Heavyweight division merging with UFC’s, his time to make an impression may have passed.

Now for the hit I am really excited about! For my dual, I got a Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen fighter worn gear card. Anderson Silva is still the pound for pound best fighter in the world and Chael Sonnen is the ultimate heel. They have perhaps the biggest rivalry in MMA today. When Sonnen finally gets his rematch, it is going to be crazy.

All in all, I think UFC has another winner in their hands.


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One response to “The Moment of Truth: Topps UFC Moment of Truth Box Break!

  1. Scott

    Nice pulls, really like the product but was very disappointed by my hits. Hoping to get a deal on another box.

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