Breygent Project Superpowers Factory Set Break: 2 Sketch Cards!!

Project Superpowers was at one point one of my favorite comics. I love the take on the golden age heroes and the beautiful Alex Ross covers but I kind dropped it when they did the whole cliche superheroes vs the government lead by a corrupt politician storyline. I still buy some of random comics from the line from time to time though (usually off the bargain bin). Anyways I picked up a Project Superpowers factory set released by Breygent Marketing mainly for the two guaranteed sketch cards. Fingers crossed.

Here is some of the base

and some of the random inserts.

The sketch cards

I looked up some of the sketches from the product and to be honest some have been lackluster but both of mines are fully colored & top notch. One is by ATC which I think is Adam Cleveland and it is of Marvelo and the other one has no identifying marks which is a shame since I would love to give props to him (or her) on a job well done. It could be Mel Jay San Juan and it is definitely of Mr Face. It is interesting that Marvelo and Mr. Face makes up two thirds of the Big Shots. Skyman is the third.

Overall I am very happy with my pulls and I probably going to reread some of my Project Superpowers comics sooner or later (probably later).


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One response to “Breygent Project Superpowers Factory Set Break: 2 Sketch Cards!!

  1. jeremy scott

    I don’t recall the comic project superpowers, but these cards look cool. I didn’t realize that Breygent did factory sets. The sketch cards look really nice. From someone who knows nothing about the characters at least the cards look really well done.

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