Random Blaster Break: 2006-07 Press Pass Basketball Rookie Set

The 2006-07 Press Pass Basketball Rookie Sets were half off in K-mart so why not? I have the set already so I am all in with the guaranteed autograph or memorabilia cards but since it is Press Pass the hit is an auto more often than not. So many auto is…

Morris Almond or is that MNE. Eh. Almond had his cup of coffee (do they use that term in basketball?) with the Jazz and now he is trying to earn a spot in the D-leagues. But fun fact. He could have been a Knick at one point as he was trying out for the team in the summer leagues. Speaking of the Knicks… boy do they suck.

I don’t know if the numbers back it up but it feels like the Knicks are playing worst than the Isiah Thomas era and that is saying a lot. The MSG/ Time Warner Cable blackout is still in effect so I don’t get to watch a lot of the game but from the few games I do watch and from the blogs I do read, it is always the same old reason why the Knicks get blown out by everyone from the Heat to the Lebron-less Cavaliers. Poor defense, poor ball movement, poor shot selection, poor chemistry, poor coaching it goes on and on. Even the fans who kept saying it would take some time to work out the kinks are beginning to realize this might not be working out.

I am no expert but if I was the coach, I would actually try to mix things up. There seems to be actually two styles that Mike D’Antoni is trying to mash up and why not separate the two. I would run two different rotations for the offense. For the record, defensively I have no idea what they can do other than make the players accountable for their performance.

Anyways I would run:
Pick and Roll Seven Second or Less
C – Amare Stoudemire
PF – Steve Novak or Josh Harrellson when he comes back from the DL
SF – Landry Fields
SG – Iman Shumpert
PG – Mike Bibby or Jeremy Lin (or anyone that can run a pick and roll)

Isolation/ Post Offense
C – Tyson Chandler
PF – No idea but anyone but Amare Stoudemire for now maybe Harrellson again?
SF – Carmelo Anthony
SG – Iman Shumpert
PG – Toney Douglas
When Baron Davis comes back maybe Toney Douglas in SG and Davis in PG.

So what do you think? Anything is better than everyone just chucking the ball.


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