First Thoughts: 2012 Topps Baseball Series 1

As a baseball card collector, I feel like have to at least open a couple of packs of Topps’ flagship set every year. It is like a annual tradition for me and I am sure I am not the only one. I think I would start with five packs this year.

Darn I didn’t pull the Skip Schumaker card that would have made me rich…

This year’s design seems familiar. I can’t place my finger on it. Maybe a Topps Total design from back in the day? Maybe not.

There are two types of inserts that are becoming pet peeves of mines. Inserts that look like they are missing a swatch and/ or a sticker auto and inserts that randomly mash two players together (throwbacks are also getting up there too). All just screams laziness to me.

Another year, another giveaway. I pulled two codes in my five packs.

Two years ago I would have been super psyche. Honestly I bought a ton of Topps Baseball for these codes but when you do one every year it kind of loses its luster.

I don’t know. I can’t say I am too excited about this year’s product. I probably would just stick to collecting the Mets team set and Asian players for my PC. But who knows, Topps Baseball usually grows on me and maybe I will pull something cool with the Golden Giveaway codes when the site is live.


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  1. Dear Shotnottaken,
    I know what you mean, It seems like kids in the younger generation spend too much time with media outlets like television, video games, or the computer. One way to possibly prevent kids from spending too much time with TV and video games is to introduce a different hobby into their lives. One classic hobby that you could potentially introduce to a child is collecting baseball cards. Topps baseball cards is one of the options for finding and purchasing cards to start a collection. Though there are new cards around focused on magic and creatures, the classic option is still a great hobby for kids.
    Catch you again soon!

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