Random MTG Pack Break: Odyssey and Torment

In Magic the Gathering, Legacy is a format that has a high barrier to entry. You really have to be a veteran of the sport or a big spender. Legacy staples can cost like $100 and you need four of them in a deck. There aren’t really any good substitutes for many of the cards unlike Standard (which of course is cards from the most recent sets). Plus Legacy players tend to keep their best cards and almost would never trade Legacy cards for Standard cards. Making it worst, Legacy cards are usually out of print and scarce but on the bright side due to all the factors above they almost always a good investment opportunity if you know what you are doing. The best cards almost never go down in value and usually inches upwards as the supply dries up. Also random cards have in the past shoot up in price almost overnight (due to unbanning, a new deck tech etc).

Legacy is also a high skill format. Games can have complicated board states and most decks required a lot of playtesting. Because the card pool is so vast, you pretty much have to expect the unexpected but the diversity is what makes this format so great. An aggro deck, a grindy control and a combo deck that can win on turn one are all viable choices.

Anyways, there is a decent Legacy scene in Brooklyn and I would love to get back into it. Lucky for me I have played on and off for a long time now and throughout the years I have accumulated a bunch of money cards. Lately though I been wheeling and dealing often trading down so say a Tundra for a ton of Legacy staples I need which is fine but my trade binder is beginning to look a bit thin especially in my Legacy side.

So with all that being said, I have two packs of Odyssey and two packs of Torment. These packs have been long out of print (they are in fact over 10 years old) and I did pay a pretty penny for them. I hope to get lucky and add a couple of cards to my trade binder because I need to keep wheeling and dealing to build my decks.

So let’s see of the 60 cards I pulled, here are the cards people might still play in Vintage, Legacy, EDH etc.
Tireless Tribe – $1
Werebear – $0.50
Deep Analysis – $0.50
Basking Rootwalla – $0.50
Ghastly Demise – $0.25
Sickening Dreams – $0.25
Faceless Butcher – $0.10

And my money cards which maybe three can be considered Legacy staples. Buried Alive, the poor man’s Entomb, Careful Study which may or may not be replaced with Faithless Looting and Cabal Ritual for storm decks.
Buried Alive $3
Devastating Dreams – $2 (I wish this card was Standard legal.)
Careful Study – $1.50
Tainted Wood – $1.50
Cabal Ritual – $1.50 (Yes, finally got a set of these.)
Call of the Herd – $1 (This card used to be the chase rare from this set. A foil one back when it was Standard legal would have fetched you $100.)

So I didn’t quite make up what I paid for the packs but you got to take chances right. There is a reason why the big money cards are worth so much. But I did get a bunch of cards to add to my cube draft… highlighting the worst cards ever printed. Should be fun!


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