2009 Tristar TNA Impact Blaster Break

The Target in Brooklyn didn’t have any new blasters for sale but a bunch of blasters were marked down which I guess is just as good. I picked up this Tristar TNA Impact 2009 Edition for $11.99. It has 24 random cards with one of them being an autograph. I miss the days were most blasters were guaranteed a hit…

First off I don’t know if you can see it in the scan but the box looks like is was done in Paint. Just saying.

A bunch of base:

The cards don’t look familiar so this may in fact be the first pack/ blaster/ box I opened of the 2009 Edition. I pulled a couple of cards I wanted. Hamada and Kiyoshi can go in my PC and the Alex Shelley fits right in with my binder page for Motor City Machine Guns. It is also interesting to say the least that there are wrestler’s family photos in set.

And the guaranteed autograph:

Ugh it is of Kip James who had a much better run in the WWE than TNA. He had some of the worst gimmicks with TNA. Too many to list here. Plus I already have a Kip James auto numbered 14/15. Oh wells you can’t expect to much out of retail.


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