MTG Brewer: Séance + Splicers Deck

(Also check out my other Seance deck, the Seance, Mirror Mad Phantasm and Laboratory Manic combo.)

If you looking for a fun deck that is a bit off the beaten path for Standard, perhaps try the Séance Splicers deck that I am working on.

4 Blade Splicer
4 Wing Splicer
4 Master Splicer
4 Sensor Splicer

3 Merfolk Looter
4 Armored Skaab
4 Forbidden Alchemy
3 Auramancer

4 Seance
2 Oblivion Ring

9 Plains
9 Islands
4 Evolving Wilds
2 Shimmering Grotto

The deck is full of synergy, very consist and quite explosive in the mid- game. So basically the game plan is use Merfolk Looter, Forbidden Alchemy and Armored Skaab to mill your deck to get a bunch of Splicers in the graveyard early game while looking for a Séance and while threatening with a Splicer or two. If they waste counterspells or removal on any of the Splicers, all the better! When Séance hits the board (which many won’t be expecting) you would be making a golem token practically every upkeep (note not just your upkeep). It gets out of hand pretty quick.

The one card I am not a huge fan of is Sensor Splicer as it costs way too much. I considered Precursor Golem but that is too risky and I want to be able to cast all my cards in case I don’t have a Séance in play so that throws out the green Splicers.

The problem is the deck requires a lot of slots for the combo to work, leaving almost no room for responsive spells. I did cut out one Auramancer and one Merfolk Looter for two Oblivion Rings as a catch all. I considered Mortarpod for this slot since it would work well with the Splicer tokens Séance makes but I decided on the Oblivion Ring since it works better with Auramancer and you don’t want to be completely dead to say a main deck Elesh Norn or Curse of Death Hold. The beauty of this deck you can store it in your graveyard until you need it.

Similarly this deck is hard to sideboard for. At best you can cut out the two Oblivion Rings, a Skaab and a Sensor Splicer or two but then again it just means the deck won’t run as smooth so I am thinking if you don’t have a great matchup or say if you know their sideboard would have a lot of hate (Ratchet Bombs, enchantment removal, graveyard hate etc) I suggest transforming the deck into a weird mid game Tempered Steel deck. So my sideboard currently has 4 Tempered Steel, 3 Wurmcoil Engines and 1 more Oblivion Ring and I am playing around with the other slots, maybe a couple of Timely Reinforcements, Revoke Existences, Celestial Purges, Corrosive Gales and probably a Plains since that is a lot of white.

This deck definitely will get you some interesting stares. I recommend it against any creature heavy meta game which is looking more and more likely. Plus you are not completely dead to control decks. Many won’t be expecting the Séance so you have to just keep throwing Splicers turn after turn and hope they tap out or burn out of counterspells to cast the Séance. Once in play, the card advantage the Séance gives would be too much even to mass removal if you play it right.


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