Can Lightning Strike Twice: 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Box Break

(First off that is not a typo. It is 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports released in 2012.)

I did OK for myself with last year’s Upper Deck World of Sports box (if you are too lazy to click the link I pulled a Michael Jordan/ LeBron James autograph). It is all but decided then I would try my luck every year. This year’s (or is it last years’) box is guaranteed 3 memorabilia and/ or autograph cards. Can lightning strike the same place twice? *Fingers cross and takes out every lucky charm I own*

Base Cards:

It is not for everyone but I love the eclectic mix for the base set. It is comprised of legends and prospects for pretty all the major sports out there (soccer, hockey, golf, baseball, basketball, football, etc). One improvement though is that it is a lot more balanced. For example, there is a lot less lacrosse players.


The insert is a huge downgrade from last year. Last year’s one per box insert was a pretty cool clear insert called Clear Competitors numbered out of 550. This year I believe it is the World of Politics cards and I pulled a Rick Perry, which I can really, really do without. (Update: Actually World of Politics fall 1 in 40 not one per box.) Also without seeing one in person, the shadow box and video cards seem pretty cool but they are very, very tough pulls.

Now for the hits. My memorabilia card which I got in the first pack is Christian Ponder.

Not bad. I am pretty sure I can trade it for something. For my two autographs, I got Gauntlett Eldemire and Titus Young.

The name Titus Young kind of rings a bell but I have no idea who Gauntlett Eldemire is. I googled Gauntlett Eldemire and I can even find stats for him which can’t be a good sign.

Oh and I did pull something big it is an autograph of the one and only Chuck The Iceman Liddell.

Lets go through the pros and cons of this card.

I am a huge MMA fan.
It is of MMA legend Chuck Liddell.
He signed this card I mean sticker with his nickname, The Iceman which with a quick look around eBay he doesn’t do too often.
It is an autograph I wanted for quite some time.

It is ugly as hell.

I guess I can understand that without licenses Upper Deck can only do so much but they got to at least try to make their big hits look a bit more attractive (and not so obvious that it is a sticker dump). I am debating which was worst, the flags from last year or the weird sports icons this year. On the bright side, World of Sports is always a fun break and when the price drops I highly recommend it. You just never know what you can pull (which is a good and bad thing I suppose). All in all, I really believe if Upper Deck tried, World of Sports could easily be their flagship product.



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2 responses to “Can Lightning Strike Twice: 2011 Upper Deck World of Sports Box Break

  1. lonestarr

    Titus Young was a rookie WR for the Detroit Lions this past season. Receivers don’t tend to have great rookie seasons, but he caught 48 passes for a lil over 600 yards and scored 6 touchdowns, even started 9 games. So he’s right on pace with most reasonably promising rookie receivers, and he’s on a good young team with an explosive offense. There’s upside.

    I really hope Gauntlett Eldemire goes on to have a career, because that is one of the most badass names ever conceived. It’s like straight out of a Tolkien fantasy setting.

    I dunno what to think overall. Going by your break, the base design is half-hearted and the hits range from unspectacular (Ponder) to downright ugly (Liddell). And Rick Perry? Really, Upper Deck?? Eww. But hey, there’s a Hope Solo card, so I guess it’s not all bad.

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