The Last Shonen Jump

The last Shonen Jump came out last week. I honestly haven’t read it in years but I am sad to see it go. Sure Shonen Jump would be now a weekly virtual magazine of some sort but from experience almost all magazines that go out of publication say they would transfer to a website, newsletter, blog etc only to just disappear eventually.

There really aren’t any major magazines about comics, manga and while we are at it cards anymore. I loved InQuest, Scrye and Wizard and they are all gone. I guess blogs and the millions of the millions of websites out there were probably the primary cause but it just like to pick up something physical to read every once in awhile. I am trying to think of hobby magazines still in print and I can only come out with Beckett which honestly is not worth the price and Non- Sport Update which I believe B&N and most magazine stores in NYC don’t sell anymore.

Anyways the last Shonen Jump did come with a Yu-Gi-Oh card.

I haven’t played Yi Gi Oh since I dominated with a Yata Garasu deck but I probably can trade the Acid Golem of Destruction down the line to someone, somewhere especially as they get more scarce.


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  1. lonestarr

    I remember finding the very first issue (sans Blue Eyes White Dragon) randomly at Walgreens back in the day and stayed with it for more than four years. Sad day, can’t believe I didn’t hear about this sooner at my nerdier haunts. 😦

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