Another Go At Topps American Pie

Topps American Pie is a product I should really like (my previous box break). I love similar products like Panini Americana. It is quirky and random and the set is fun to collect so I thought to give it another chance. This time I’ll try the retail side of things, a blaster to be exact.

Base cards:

Inserts & parallels:

From the breaks I saw, most blasters come with at least one hit, usually a memorabilia card. I thought I was super unlucky until I busted the last pack. I got a Carmen Electra memorabilia card.

It is hard to be too excited. Hmmm… I am no fan of Carmen Electra but it definitely ranks ahead of the Mickey Rooney mem card (again in IMO), the Lewis and Clark dirt card (what a waste of cardboard) and probably ahead of the Humphrey Bogart Manufactured Patch (never a fan of manufactured patches of any kind).

I don’t really want to look it up but the retail odds seems to be about the same as the hobby odds. With the 8 packs in the blaster and the 24 packs in a hobby box I feel like got about the same number of inserts, parallels and hits. Blasters are about $20 and when the hobby box first came out it was selling at about $85 so blaster were clearly the better choice. But it looks like things have evened out with the hobby box selling for about $60 so maybe the hobby box is now the better choice if you shop around.

Anyways, I don’t want to rehash everything I wrote in the previous break but it is hard not to compare American Pie to Panini’s Americana. When it comes the hits, Americana usually comes out ahead. There are some pretty sweet things you can pull in American Pie but there are just way too many random coins, stamps, manufactured patches, authentic Earth cards that dilutes all that. With that being said, it is still something a little different after opening a ton of baseball and basketball packs and can be a fun break. The base set is definitely American Pie’s greatest strength and it is one set I want to build. I hope to sort out the cards I have and post the cards I need.



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4 responses to “Another Go At Topps American Pie

  1. It’s kinda like the Superman III cape card I pulled a few years back. I mean, of ALL the Superman movies, I had to pull a cape from III.

    I suppose at least it wasn’t a Superman IV cape. lol

  2. lonestarr

    Yep, pretty much have to agree with your sentiment on these. It’s kinda uninspired, but still sorta fun, and not in Americana’s league. Also the mental image of employees desperately ransacking the offices for crap to stick in cards from the other post makes me LOL.

  3. bleachedquasar

    Pogs! i used to collect tons of those

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