Random Pack Break: A German Pokemon Pack + A Japanese Dragonball Z Pack

You can find in bargain bins or can get lots/ repacks of random old trading card games (TCGs) packs for real cheap. Most of it of course is worthless and maybe 95% is of games no one plays any more. But there are some gems if you look. One type of packs that I find is undervalued and overlooked is foreign packs of the big three TCGs, Magic, YuGiOh and Pokemon. OK you won’t find any foreign Magic packs in these lots/ repacks but I found foreign YuGiOh and Pokemon packs in enough frequency that I have a small trade binder of them for maybe like $15 make that now a $20 investment.

I love the art of the trade and I pretty much collect and trade just about anything. I haven’t play Pokemon or YuGiOh for wow probably over a decade but I regularly go to card stores and tournaments for Magic anyways so I take my foreign card binder with me just in case. Foreign cards aren’t not for everyone and honestly a lot of the cards have been sitting in my binder for awhile. But to the right collector it is something a little different, perhaps something to set their deck apart. It is also something you can’t really find easily. Again I don’t play Pokemon or YuGiOh so I typically am OK to trade them for Magic packs, a soda or whatnot.

Anyways with all that being said, I got another repack. This the one you can get in K-Mart which for $5 you can get 35 packs and a promo. Among the 35, two packs really stood out to me, a German Team Rocket Pokemon pack and a interesting Japanese Dragonball Z pack.

While I am at it here are also a couple of my recent Spanish YuGiOh pulls.

The downside of buying a bunch of lots/ repacks of random old TCG packs is that I am left with a bunch make that a ton of packs I don’t really want. I have them piling up in a corner of my room but I am thinking giving them away. I really don’t need these Hannah Montana, Harry Potter, Kids Next Door, Yu Yu Hakusho or Lord of the Rings packs. Actually I have gotten so many Harry Potter TCGs packs I probably can build a deck and play the game with my brother which might not be a bad idea for a rainy day…

All in all for me, it is a win win. It is a fun break and I may or may not be able to trade the cards for something else. It didn’t really cost me anything either way and hey I learn a little German (I wish I can say the same for Japanese). Plus again I probably going to give away the rest of the packs to someone, hopefully a kid who probably would appreciate the packs way more than I would.


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