2007- 08 Upper Deck SP Basketball Blaster Break

I have a little blast from the past, back when Upper Deck was hmmmm how should I put it, relevant. It is a blaster of 2007- 08 Upper Deck SP Basketball. Of course, the SP line was probably Upper Deck’s strongest brand.

It is interesting that I got a bunch of Knicks from the 2006-07 team which usually is a good thing but it is just a reminder how much that team sucked. I can’t stand to see Stephon Marbury in a Knicks jersey. Something like $25 million to stay home and bicker all day, ugh.

Anyways some of the shots Upper Deck chose was interesting like say this Amare card.

I guess I can only speak for the SP Basketball retail but from the break all in all I think the set is a bit monotonous. It really needs a bit more inserts to break up the waves of beige. The inserts I did pull just seems like derivatives of the base set.

On a slight tangent, does anyone know if basketball cards from 2007- 08 were overproduced? I still see I tons of them for from sale usually half off and in repacks more so than other years.



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2 responses to “2007- 08 Upper Deck SP Basketball Blaster Break

  1. Scott

    How excited would you have been to pull that Oden a few years ago?

    • Yea Oden would have been a sweet pull back in the day. Actually you wouldn’t believe how many Oden rookies I have pulled. I probably have more Oden rookie cards than any other in his class.

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