It Was Only A Matter of Time: Upper Deck World of Sports Blaster Break

So it was either another blaster of American Pie or a blaster of World of Sports. I should have gone with American Pie…

For anyone who opened enough World of Sports packs, you are probably like me. Every box/ blaster/ pack you opened you keep saying to yourself please no lacrosse, please no lacrosse, please no lacrosse. I have been lucky in the past but I guess it was only a matter of time.

The Base Cards:

The only card I really want is the Black Widow Jeanette Lee. John Starks is going with all my Knicks cards and I got a Gauntlett Eldemire base card to go with his autograph.

So for my only non- base card in the blaster, it is a hit and it is of Brodie Merrill…

… a lacrosse player. To be fair, I wikied him and he a good probably one of the greatest lacrosse players ever to play but the fact is there aren’t many lacrosse collectors in the world.


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