Rainy Day Pack Break: 2000 Topps Series 2

Here is a couple of packs from my rainy day box (and it is pouring in NYC). Two hobby packs of 2000 Topps Series 2 to be exact. I’m looking for Hank Aaron reprints, all- star autographs, Topps Combos and other great inserts.

Pack 1:
Hideki Irabu
Octavio Dotel
Matt Riley, Mark Mulder and CC Sabathia Prospects
Ryan Rupe
John Wetteland
Derek Jeter Wins 1996 World Series
Travis Lee
Juan Guzman
Mike Piazza
Corey Koskie
Johnny Damon

Pack 2:
Randy Velarde
Rafael Furcal, Jason Dellaero, Travis Dawkins Prospects
Rick Asadoorian & Vince Faison Draft Picks
Andy Ashby
Paul Konerko
Roger Clemens 20th Century’s Best
Darren Oliver
Cal Ripken Jr. Season Highlights
Damion Easley
Michael Tucker
Torii Hunter

The first pack is not bad. I got a card I think I need for my PC (Irabu), a card of my favorite player which I may or may not have (Piazza), a solid rookie card (Hudson & Sabathia) and a Yankee insert (Jeter). I could have done a lot worst. But there is absolutely nothing I want in the second pack. You can’t win them all I guess.


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