MTG Brewer: The Fastest Deck in Standard – Blue/ Green Turbo Infect

I play Belcher in Vintage and Legacy so I am definitely game to go all in here and there. This is the probably fastest deck you can play in Standard but that speed comes at a price.

Blue/ Green Turbo Infect:
4 Glistener Elf
4 Blighted Agent
3 Blighted Mamba
1 Viridian Corrupter

4 Mutagenic Growth
4 Titanic Growth
4 Ranger’s Guile
3 Artful Dodge
4 Tezzeret’s Gambit

4 Spectral Flight
2 Livewire Lash

8 Forest
8 Island
4 Hinterland Harbor
3 Inkmoth Nexus

This deck is very streamlined as basically the deck has three types of cards: creatures with infect, pump spells and lands. Blue/ Green Turbo Infect consistently gets 10 poison tokens by turn 4 for the win but it is real susceptible to decks with a lot of cheap removal. Really your only answer is Ranger’s Guile and maybe Livewire Lash. Also sometimes draws get clunky especially when you draw a ton of pump spells with no creatures so you need to mulligan aggressively.

This is a great deck to mix things up a bit in Friday Night Magic. You can’t play tempo, mid- range aggro and grindy control decks all the time. Plus in my Friday Night Magic tournaments, there are a little too many Naya Pod deck running around nowadays and those decks play close to zero cheap instant removal. : )

Oh Avacyn Restored is just around the corner and I have a very special brew for next time…


With the release of Rancor in M13 this deck is just bonkers. I won a FNM with this new list already.

Blue/ Green Turbo Infect Updated with M13 Cards:
4 Glistener Elf
4 Blighted Agent
3 Blighted Mamba
1 Viridian Corrupter

4 Mutagenic Growth
1 Titanic Growth
4 Ranger’s Guile
2 Artful Dodge
1 Apostle’s Blessing
4 Tezzeret’s Gambit

4 Rancor
3 Wild Defiance
2 Livewire Lash

8 Forests
7 Islands
4 Hinterland Harbor
3 Inkmoth Nexus
1 Cathedral of War

For the sideboard, I like to side in as little as possible. I usually side out only the Artful Dodges so my sideboard is a lot of 2 ofs. Apostle’s Blessings is the card I side in the most since it can still get the infect creatures through blockers, protect them from kill spells and still works with Wild Defiance. The mirror match is a coin flip and lightning fast so I usually side out the Livewire Lashes too for Gut Shots (Mental Missteps is too hit or miss). I faced a mirror match the other week and he made the mistake of siding in too much. He probably sided in Guts Shots, Mental Missteps and already had cards like Gitaxian Probes and I just powered through them and still got the 3rd or 4th turn kill while he couldn’t get enough to “combo” out.

2 Apostle’s Blessings
2 Mental Missteps
2 Gut Shots
3 Dismembers – For Melira
2 Autumn’s Veil
1 Naturalize
2 Corrupted Conscience
1 Inkmoth Nexus

I am very excited about this deck and I am thinking of using this deck in Modern with a few tweaks when it rotates out. This new list is surprising consistent and has become my go to deck so I am trying to foil out the deck (already half way there).



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7 responses to “MTG Brewer: The Fastest Deck in Standard – Blue/ Green Turbo Infect

  1. Graham

    I play with a version of this deck that is a consistent t4/5 kill. No live wire lashes, +1 inkmoth nexus, 24 lands including 4 hinterland habour. Average mana cost below 1.35/spell. Sure can get some serious hate from other players. I love how it hardly interacts with them, and you can play your own game.
    I wish I knew why I haven’t heard more of this deck in pro tours?

    • Yea the livewire lash is probably the slowest card in the deck but it is insane when it is equipped.

      I think it isn’t more popular in pro tours because the deck is kind of unpredictable and a bit luck based. Basically it is whether you opponent has the removal spell or not. When there is more in the line, players prefer to have more control of the outcome.

      • Graham

        I main deck three copies of swiftfoot boots for the agent.
        There is alot riding on the draw. This deck taught me how to mulligan furiously, but yet winning after going down to four and prayer.

  2. Swiftfoot Boots is interesting. I have to playtest with it but I suspect the Livewire Lash leads to quicker kills despite the 2 equip and it protects the agent in another way.

  3. John Proctor

    Another form of protection could be Apostle’s blessing. This can also double as a way to make your creature unblockable during your turn. Also with Avacyn there is Wild Defiance and Revenge of the Hunted which are options. I like Ichorclaw Myr because it has a deterrent to not block it, and once they agree to take the damage you can pump it up. But a blighted agent turn 2, a Wild Defiance turn 3 and 2 mutagenic growths is a win. Or if you pull a Revenge of the Hunted Turn 3 play that and turn four should be yours if you don’t already have either a titanic growth or a guile with a mutagenic or 2 mutagenics

    • I actually run Apostle’s Blessing in the sideboard to take the Artful Dodge slot against some matchups. Ichorclaw Myr can be better than Blighted Mamba but since I run Spectral Flight, at the moment I prefer regeneration just in case things get bad and I can possibly still have a creature left.

      I see a bunch of people trying out Wild Defiance but I think it is too slow and clunky and I prefer the Livewire Lash since it is a bit more flexible (like say killing an annoying creature). And Revenge of the Hunted I have thought about but it is just to risky in a deck that wants to go all in so any dead card in the opening hand is just brutal.

  4. Honestly i think this deck is an amazing fast killer! I’ve taken out many decks with this setup. Also its cheap so if your looking for a fast effective deck build this one.

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