Stand Out Autos: Frankie Edgar and Ronda Rousey

The UFC hosted a signing with Frankie Edgar and Ronda Rousey today in Times Square and I just managed to sneak out for lunch just in time. The signing was scheduled to end 2:30 and I got my autos probably 2:20 or so. The line closed literally like 5 or 6 people behind me. That was a close call. Anyways, I say this probably too often but they are sweet additions to my collection!

Frankie Edgar just lost the Lightweight Championship belt to Ben Henderson in a very close and exciting fight. He will get another shot at Henderson to try to reclaim his belt. I owned a Frankie Edgar auto already so I am much more excited about the Ronda Rousey auto. She has catapulted into MMA stardom and is now arguably the second or third best women’s MMA fighter in just three fights with Strikeforce. So far she has won every single of her MMA fights (both amateur and pro fights) via armbar in the first round which is just mind boggling. In fact in her last fight, Meisha Tate who is no slouch knew that Rousey’s had a great armbar and still managed to be caught. For the record I have Megumi Fujii as the best women’s MMA fighter at the moment and Rousey is second or third depending if you included Cris Cyborg Santos, who was a beast but was caught with PEDs.


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