A Budget Avacyn Restored Brew: Izzet Humans

I after a couple of box breaks and a number of drafts I have a ton of Avacyn Restored cards lying around. So I thought I challenged myself to build a deck using just Avacyn Restored commons and uncommons. As they say, restriction breeds creativity. Also if you know me, you would know I love complicated combo decks with intricate synergies which are much trickier to assemble without rares or mythics. It might need a tweak or two but this is what I came up with.

Izzet Humans:
4 Wing Crafter
4 Nephalia Smuggler
4 Alchemist’s Apprentice
4 Kessig Malcontents
3 Mist Raven

4 Mass Appeal
4 Amass the Components
4 Ghostly Flicker

1 Vigilante Justice
3 Pillar of Fire
1 Thunderbolt (Maybe 4 Pillar of Fires is a better choice.)

14 Islands
10 Mountains

So the gist of this deck is that you cast a bunch of cheap humans early to cast Mass Appeal for say about 3 or 4 so you can cast even more humans and eventually win by casting and flickering Kessig Malcontents. Board sweepers are going to be a problem but 8 draw cards spells and Alchemist’s Apprentice help somewhat. Curse of Death’s Hold and Elesh Norn are an instant losses. Against mid- rangey type decks, Nephalia Smuggler with Mist Raven can buy you a lot of time to assemble all your pieces. Finally super fast decks aggro decks are a poor matchup and there aren’t a lot of options for the sideboard if you limit it to only Avacyn Restored commons and uncommons. You might need to splash in white for life gain. With all that being said, you can be losing for most of the game only to squeak out a board state with a few humans casting one or two Kessig Malcontents and Ghostly Flickering them for the Hail Mary win. I have done 15 damage in one turn during playtesting.

If you want to spruce the deck, I definitely would go Red/ White in a Boros type shell. You would lose all the card drawing but you can curve out better with better humans like Champion of Parish, Gather the Townsfolk, Silverblade Paladin etc. Plus Restoration Angel and Cloudshift is way better than Nephalia Smuggler and Ghostly Flicker. The Kessig Malcontents can just be the nail of the coffin.



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4 responses to “A Budget Avacyn Restored Brew: Izzet Humans

  1. Budget decks are fun. I enjoy playing decks that don’t have every kill card that is worth $10 bucks and that the deck costs $300 to build. Of course, this comes from a person who just finished building a white/blue Shape Anew Standard Deck… I love comboish decks.

    • I remember facing a Shape Anew deck. Basically it Shape Anewed a Inkmoth Nexus into a Blightsteel Colossus. I was playing a Blue/ Black control deck at the time and when my opponent got the nuts with a fourth turn Blightsteel, I looked at my hand and with morbid I Tragic Slipped it. LOL. Just imagine a massive Blightsteel Colossus slipping on a banana peel and hitting his head…

      • Yeah, that’s kind of the way this deck work. It has both Inkmoth Nexus and Blightsteel Colossus. But with Tragic Slip, it would go back into the library and come back again sooner or later. I also have a Wormcoil Engine and Blade Splicers in the deck to have more engines to get the Collosus…

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