Random Box Break: Upper Deck Thor Trading Cards Retail

To be honest, I haven’t watch like any of the Marvel movies that came out the last few years including, the new Avengers movie. Thinking back, I actually haven’t been in the movie theaters for quite some time. Oh wells. Anyways, I picked up a retail box of Upper Deck Thor Trading cards in K-mart because it was only $14.99. There are 16 packs per box, 5 cards per pack so that is less than $1 a pack. Sounds good to me!

Unfortunately, the odds for a hit is astronomical. 1:2500 for autographs and 1:48 for a memorabilia card so I have all my lucky charms with me.

Base Cards:

I was kind of hoping for a complete set and in the end I only got 58 of the 81 cards I needed. I guess if I did the math it wouldn’t have added up anyways but it kind of sucks I got 6 doubles.


Inserts come one per pack and there are typical of non- sport/ comic book cards, famous comic book covers and random art of the subject, in this case concept art of Thor. It was an even split with 8 comic book covers and 8 concert art cards.

They are mostly subtle tweaks and although movie trading cards aren’t the most innovative cards in the world, they have definitely improved from year’s past. For example, blurry movie stills were the norm not too long ago.



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2 responses to “Random Box Break: Upper Deck Thor Trading Cards Retail

  1. bleachedquasar

    the sketch inserts are nice. i miss the days where inserts were prismatic foil/chromium/holograms

    • You know I am a huge fan of all kind of crazy foil and chrome cards as well as die cuts. Any of them would definitely spice up this product.

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