Random Pack Break: 2006 Topps Baseball

I still can’t believe. The Mets actually have a no- hitter in their team history. Congrats Johan! As a Mets fan, I never thought this would happen. We are kind of cursed that way.

Anyways, I wanted to open some baseball packs (haven’t for awhile I believe) and I scoured my room but only found a pack of 2006 Topps Baseball. Oh wells, it is better than nothing.

The pack:
Chris Carpenter
Huston Street
Tom Glavine
Craig Biggio
Freddy Garcia
John Thomson
Roger Clemens Hobby Masters Insert
Richie Sexson
Ricky Weeks
Mariano Rivera

The Roger Clemens card (nice looking insert by the way) got me thinking how many players in this pack are gone from the game. Tom Glavine, Craig Biggio, John Thomson, Roger Clemens and Richie Sexson all are either retired or can’t get a spot in the Major League team anymore and all were superstars at one point (well maybe not John Thomson). It just shows you how much can change in a couple of years.


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