Rolling the Dice: Sportkings Series E Box Break

I have heard a lot about Sportkings the last couple of years. A lot of the hits I have seen being pulled and being sold look great but I haven’t bought a pack because all in all it is pretty high end product and thus quite the gamble. I finally took the plunge and breaking the box at the Winter Garden during my lunch break!

There are 5 cards per pack. 3 base cards (1 can be a mini), 1 hit (can be an auto, an art or a memorabilia card) and finally 1 premium back card that you can redeem for more hits when you spell Sportkings.

Ugh what a waste of $100. You can pull some pretty sweet autos, patches and art cards and I pull a relic card of a runner. Sure he is “the world’s most famous ultramarathon runner” but I can’t imagine too big a market for his memorabilia. I have to admit the base cards do look good and the art is top notch. Too bad it is nearly impossible to build the set. But the Sportkings base cards can be worth a couple bucks and I got another runner, Kyle Petty which is not bad, fullback Franco Harris and probably the best card of the box the David Robinson premium back card S.

Anyways, I can’t complain about pulling the card that is advertized on the box (David Robinson) but everything else is a total bust. Oh wells… on the bright side, I recently traded for a David Copperfield autograph and a Michael Chang autograph which are pretty sweet additions to my collection.



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2 responses to “Rolling the Dice: Sportkings Series E Box Break

  1. Scott

    Ugh, that is a tough hit. The base cards do look really nice, though… not $100 nice but I’d collect it if it was a retail set.

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