Finally Found Another Box of 2010 Leaf MMA to Break!

If you ask me what my favorite product of all time to bust is, I would have to say it is Leaf MMA. It came out right about as I was getting really into MMA so that helps but the product is just a great value. I can’t remember how much a box costs when it first came out but it is definitely much cheaper than most of the card products that come out nowadays and you are guaranteed 8 autos. That’s EIGHT AUTOS. That is unheard of. Of course some of it is filler but overall the autograph checklist is diverse with most of the who’s who of MMA. I bought a ton of this product when it first came out and I was sad when it sold out at my local card shop just as the wrapper redemptions were announced. Anyways a new card shop just open up in Manhattan, Montasy Comics and they happened to have one dusty box of 2010 Leaf MMA left. I just had to have and I picked up at a good price too, $65.

Base cards:

I need to check if I have some of the Japanese fighters for my PC already but I actually needed most of the cards to complete the set. In fact, I organized the cards I have and I am 84% complete (84/100). I think the cards 90- 100 are short print. I hope to have the cards I need on the site some time soon. Completing this set is definitely high on my list.

Here are the autos.

Assuerio Silva. No idea who he is.

Herma Franca. He is what you call a journeyman but he does have an interesting story. In one of his fights, all 3 judges gave Franca the fight but the owner of the MMA promotion took the mic from the announcer and announced that her fighter won the fight. I was watching the fight and I was like WTF as was everything else watching, in person and on the stream.

Jon Fitch. He was a contender but him getting knocked out by Johnny Hendricks in only 12 seconds is a huge setback for him.

Josh Koscheck. Another fighter was always seems to be a contender for the welterweight title. He beat Johnny Hendricks after the Fitch fight.

Kevin Randleman. He doesn’t have the best record but he is a legend of the sport. If you have to watch one fight of his, you have to watch his fight with Fedor. He lost the fight but it was iNsAnE.

Natasha Wicks. She was a former UFC ring girl. No idea what she is doing now.

Ronys Torres. The name sounds familiar but nothing is coming to me.

Shane Carwin. I am a huge fan! Carwin has been out with an injury for quite some time but he is coming back and he timing can’t be any better. With Lesnar retiring and Overeem testing positive for steroids the Heavyweight division is incredibly shallow. With 2 strong wins he can probably get a title shot.

Overall not a bad haul. As always, it was a fun break.

Update: I need the cards 6,31,32,41,42,43,44,76,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99 to complete the set. I would love to work out a trade with anyone that can help me out.


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