Giving It Another Go: 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Blaster Break

2009 Upper Deck Spectrum must have really been a huge flop. I still see Spectrum blasters for sale for only $5.99 and it is guaranteed a hit. I bought a ton of them in the past and I thought one more can’t hurt. Plus I am due for a big hit like say a celebrity autograph, right? *Fingers crossed*

The base cards:

You don’t get a whole lot of a cards in the blaster. At full price, you are practically paying $1 a card which is probably the main reason why Spectrum flopped. The cards and hits being so monotonous and the ugly purple foil hurt too. One thing that is weird though, in my opinion Spectrum cards are the only cards I can think of that look better in the scans than in person.

Anyways, I didn’t pull an autograph. I got instead

a Chase Utley memorabilia card. Not the worst pull in the world. So how has Chase Utley and the Phillies in general been doing? Not too good I hear…



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4 responses to “Giving It Another Go: 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum Blaster Break

  1. Brad

    I’d be willing to trade for that, what would you want in return? Please shoot me an e-mail

  2. I keep going to Kmart looking for these things and see …. nothing.

    • I guess it is just the one in Manhattan then.

      • lonestarr

        They FINALLY got these in at my K-Mart. Enjoying them immensely. $6 for a hit, parallel, insert, and 18 base cards from a small and easily collected short set is hard to beat. Low price makes a dud hit much easier to stomach as well.

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