Basketball Repack Break – Autograph and Memorabilia Edition

If I am not mistaken, tonight it is the NBA draft. It is not for everyone but I love the business side of the NBA and I find the draft very entertaining. Unfortunately I am probably going to miss this year’s because it is my friends birthday. Oh wells. I guess I can still have a little basketball pack break.

Anyways, I am a sucker for repacks. I just can’t help it and I picked up yet another repack today. This one has 100 “random” basketball cards and at least 1 autograph or memorabilia card. I figure at the very least I get a Yao Ming card that I may or may not need for my PC and a random hit for cheap.

As expected, I got a bunch of filler that I will probably give away. I have reach the point in my collection that I can only keep the cards I really want. The collation isn’t great as all the cards are either from the 1996 Topps Finest, 1996 Upper Deck or 2004-05 Topps sets which can be a good or a bad thing.

Of those the only one I am going to keep is Hakeem Olajuwon but for a second, I thought I also pulled Magic Johnson’s rookie card. Off by only one letter.

Anyways for the hit, I got a…

Jason Kidd game used floor card, which is interesting. It has the same problem has mat card in MMA cards, which is it is as much as a memorabilia card of Jason Kidd as the benchwarmer on the same team. Plus the floor is from the Boston Garden… But it is definitely better than a boring single white swatch and they really don’t make cards like these anymore. Overall for less than $10, this Jason Kidd card is a lot more exciting than the runner memorabilia card I pull from the $100 box of Sportkings.



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5 responses to “Basketball Repack Break – Autograph and Memorabilia Edition

  1. bleachedquasar

    what do you need to peel off the olajuwon card? floor GU cards are cool. miss the days when GU cards had cap or headband in them.

    • It is just a thin layer of film and easy to take off. All the Topps Finest cards had it back in the day to protect the Chrome layer. There is some debate among collectors whether to keep the protection or take it off. I am in the keep it on camp.

  2. lonestarr

    That’s surprisingly good as far as repacks go. Interesting hit of a future Hall of Famer and a pretty good sized stack of Finest from it’s best era. 🙂

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