2010- 11 Panini Classic Blaster Break

I bought a dusty 2010- 11 Panini Classic Blaster for that slight chance of pulling a Jeremy Lin rookie card. Apparently I seemed to have mixed up Panini products (since you know they all feel the same) and I should have been looking out for Panini Prestige blasters to get a Jeremy Lin rookie card. Despite John Wall on the box, Panini Classic is definitely not a product for rookie cards at least the retail packs. I looked it up and I believe Jeremy Lin only has a rookie autograph card in the set so the odds are astronomical to pull any Jeremy Lin cards in this blaster.

Base Cards:


So in the end, with 10 card per pack and 8 packs per blaster I pulled not a single rookie card and pulled only one insert. That insert is not really an insert either, it is a preview card for another product Hoops. It is of Blake Griffin though so that is something and it is interesting I pulled the Knicks Big 3 but all in all a boring break but it did remind me why I hate (maybe that is too strong of a word) Panini products.

Anyways, I am super excited about the Knicks offseason. Going in the offseason, given the salary cap restrictions, the Knicks could have very well lost Jeremy Lin, Landry Fields, Steve Novak and JR Smith but they managed to resign all but Landry Fields. Best of luck to Fields BTW. He wasn’t the most popular player last year but he was in a tough spot with Melo changing the offensive flow of things but he never stopped hustling. The Knicks of course also added two veterans Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby, filling holes in the team. They are both getting up their in age and are signed for three years each so it can backfire but I think they are great signings especially given the huge shift in the East. The Nets despite overpaying for just about everyone are now a threat, the Heat is only getting stronger, Chicago with a healthy Derrick Rose is still one of the most dangerous team in the NBA etc. If I had to draw the lines, I think the Heat and the Bulls are going to be top dogs in the East. I may be biased but the Knicks should be right up there. The Nets if they get the Howard trade to work out should round out the top 4. The Pacers, 76ers, the Celtics, the Magic if they keep Dwight Howard and maybe even the Hawks should contend and there is a huge drop off after that. Should be a fun season.


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